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HutchCraft Products
"Old Time Fun"
Rubber Band Shooters
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Our Rubber Band Shooters are remarkably durable "low tech" toys enjoyed by young and old. They require no stinking batteries!! My boys played with a Model #101 Texas Long Barrel for seven years before it broke. Nothing I've purchased at any chain store has lasted that long. These toys are great for small game hunting - flies and bumble bees - no license required! Also great fun at the office, win with ease the rubber band wars with your extremely accurate 12 shooter. All models shoot up to 12 rubberbands in repeating fashion. The Pirates Dragoon, Model # 150 shoots up to 24 rubber bands.

You can't have this much fun anywhere for this little money. Isn't there someone on your Holiday list that would enjoy a 12 Shot Rubber Band Shooter?
Model # 103 - $10.00
.45 Magnum Military Pistol
A Mid-Range Pistol With Style - 12 Shot
Model # 40 - $10.00
Add This Distinctive Design To Your Collection - 12 Shot
Model # 101 - $10.00
Texas Long Barrel
Our Most Popular!! - 12 Shot
Model # 150 - $28.00
Pirates Dragoon
Double Barrel Fun With Two Triggers - 24 Shot
Model # 137 - $17.00
Saddle Rifle
A Runt Rifle, Great For Kids Of All Ages - 12 Shot
Model # 135 - $24.00
Tommy Gun Junior
For The Avid Collector - 12 Shot
Model # 138 - $18.00
1998 Design Contest Winner
Use With Or Without The Removable Clip - 12 Shot
Made in the USA!................................
We Feature The World's Best Line Of 12 Shot Rubber Band Shooters!!
These shooters are for TARGET USE ONLY!

One Year Warranty On Shooters!!
Ammo (Rubberbands):

   Large Bag -               $5.00

   Small Bag -               $1.00

Standing Targets:

   Wooden -                  $6.00

   Wire       -                  $4.00
Model # 9 - $85.00
Executive Decision Making Kit
"Dueling Pistols"
"For When You Can't Come To An Agreement.....Also Solves All Marital Problems ( if only it were that easy)!!
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